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Zaječar - The Suvodol Monastery

Suvodol monastery is located at the south-east edge of the municipality of Zajecar, in the area of the village Selacka. The monastery was built on the plateau cut in the mountain Manastirska Glama and it is dedicated to the Nativity of the Holy Theotokos. It is among the oldest endowments in Serbia and it is being connected to Knez Lazar (according to the testimony of the Episcopate Melentije who presents this information as an old legend).

The foundation of the old church was in the shape of a cross – with a small church- papert next to it. In 1865, the church cracked at the altar and it was thorn down; the new church was built on its foundations in 1869 during the Rule of Knez Milan Obrenovic.  The inscription in the existent church testifies about this.
The existent church is a one-dome building with a rectangle shaped foundation and represents a harmonious and dimensionally representative architectonic whole. The contemporary frescoes are decorating the interior of the church. The frescoes on the iconostasis, whose frame is of a neoclassical style, originates from the second half of the XIX  century.
Nowadays, Suvodol Monastery is a nunnery. Prior Justin, five nuns and one novice are the residents of the monastery.

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